Recycle Your Old/Broken Computer and Electronic Equipment 

Wright PC has been helping the Indianapolis area responsibly recycle their old eWaste since 2010!

Disposing of unwanted electronics into landfills can create serious environmental problems.  Most electronic equipment contains toxic materials, including mercury, lead, and cadmium that can leak into the soil and streams.  Wright PC has teamed up with a local recycling facility to help keep old computers and electronics out of the landfill.  

When disposing old equipment, it’s important that none of your personal information and data still exists on the machine.  To ensure that your information will be properly disposed of Wright PC removes all hard drives from the machines, runs DBAN on the drive itself, then physically destroys the disk to ensure no data can be recovered.  Wright PC has a strict customer data protection policy on all recycled equipment.

You already have enough work to do. Do you really want to spend your time erasing hard drives and upgrading outdated systems?  Why worry about risk management, software licenses, and environmental compliance?  Customers are welcome to drop off any recyclable items during normal business hours.

Wright PC will help with all your recycling needs, free of charge!