Laptop Repairs

Wright PC can fix all your laptop problems, whether your laptop is performing slowly, or simply will not turn on.  Bring your laptop in for a free diagnosis.  Buying a new laptop is not necessary when you can fix or upgrade your laptop at the fraction of the price, eliminating the need to purchase new.  No matter what the problem is, our certified laptop specialists can repair the issue.  

Below are some of the more common laptop repair services that Wright PC can perform to save you money and the hassle of purchasing a new laptop.

Virus & Spyware Removal
If you have noticed your machine running slowly or you notice malicious activity, such as pop-ups, virus warnings, etc., you may be infected with a virus or spyware. If ignored, viruses and spyware could lead to serious problems such as wiping your hard drive causing all data to be lost, could cause your computer not to boot, or even compromise your personal security. Wright PC certified technicians will clean your laptop of all viruses and spyware to get it running like new.

Keyboard and Touchpad Repair
Wright PC can repair your laptop keyboard or touchpad whether you are simply missing keys or had a water spill. We can replace your broken components with new OEM parts and get your machine running and looking like new. Keyboard and touchpad replacements are must more cost effective versus replacing your entire laptop.

LCD, Backlight, and Power Inverter Replacement
Wright PC’s laptop technicians have the tools necessary to diagnose any screen problems you may have with your laptop. Our certified technicians can replace your LCD whether it has been cracked, flickering screen, or faint image.

If your laptop gets abnormally hot or overheats and shuts down by itself, then it is time to have Wright PC’s laptop technicians to check the cooling system and exhaust fans. This is an inexpensive repair that can save you from replacing the motherboard or graphics card in the future. 

Optical Drive Replacement
Wright PC is equipped to solve your optical drive problems. Wright PC can repair or replace your current CD drive. This can be a very inexpensive solution, which can restore your laptops full functionality.

DC Jack (Power Jack) Repair
Does your power jack feel loose or does your laptop only operate on battery power? DC Jacks fail under normal wear and tear because they are not reinforced well and loosen over time. Wright PC can replace and reinforce DC Jacks at a higher standard that many original manufacturers specifications. 

Battery Replacement
Wright PC can diagnose whether your battery is faulty and needs replaced. If your laptop is not holding the charge it used to, or no charge at all, bring it in and let our specialists give you a free diagnosis!