Software Support

Wright PC doesn’t just repair hardware issues.  Our certified technicians can help with software too!  Here at Wright PC, we understand how frustrating it is when your computer stops responding and refuses to work.  You certainly didn’t buy your computer so it could have a nervous breakdown.  You expect it to work!  Our experts can figure out the root cause of your software problem and get your system working properly again!  It could be something as the Blue screen of Death (BSOD) or the computer keeps saying “not responding”.  Our technicians are well versed in most software applications out there ranging from all Microsoft products, apple products, intuit products, and so much more.  We can repair most software issues out there!

Some common software issues include:

  • Operating system failing to load
  • Errors while opening specific programs
  • Installing and troubleshooting E-Mail
  • Internet not connecting to the network
  • Blue screen of death
  • Trouble sharing files with other machines
  • Backup errors