Data Recovery

Wright PC offers data recovery services from your failed computer.  We strive to recover any and all lost data.  We require the customers to bring in another drive (external, internal, or flash drive) to copy the recovered files to.  If the customer does not have any external media, we have various sizes of portable media available for purchase.

Give us a call today to discuss your data failure with a technician.  Typically, it doesn’t take long to determine the cause of failure and the amount of data that can be recovered.  If the drive has physical failures or we are unable to recover data, we will gladly assist in helping to find a specalized data recovery center.

What Causes Hard Drive Failure or Data Loss?

  • Logical failure
  • Mechanical failure
  • Viruses
  • Non system disk error
  • Corrupted partitions and file systems
  • Missing boot sectors
  • Formatting drives
  • Power surges